Complimentary Consultation

"If you're not assessing, you're guessing"
Every consultation starts with discovery. I ask questions about everything that will affect the results we see with your program. These things include your sleep quality, current nutrition habits, stress at home and at work, and energy levels. We will discuss you and your immediate family's health history, any current injuries or medications you are on, and your exercise history.

Next, I will take all of the neccessary measurements to track your progress accurately. These include body fat percentage, weight, circumference measurements, blood pressure, and pulse. Then, we move on to the moving assessments. We will perform cardio, flexibility, balance, and range of motion tests to determine what we can do to make your body healthier from the inside out.

In closing, we will discuss what training options fit your goals and budget the best so we can get started on creating the happiest, healthiest you as soon as possible!

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