Corrective Exercise

A way to lessen aches and pains without surgery or medication?!

Where do I sign up?
How long have you lived with an achy shoulder or other painful joints? Did you know most of these problems stem from imbalanced muscle structures where two opposing muscles are causing tension and discomfort in a joint? We specialize in lessening that pain by balancing the strength and flexibility in those muscles and returning them to a functional state. Becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist requires extra hours and a seperate certification. It is greatly respected by other fitness coaches and is a highly saught after expertise. Although it takes time to reverse imbalances in these joints from improper, repetitive movements, you can correct a large portion of these problems without medication or surgery. We teach you how to maintain these results so you don't have to be in pain anymore. Which is such a wonderful relief to our clients.


Weight Management

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, lose inches, or put on size, Motivated Mind & Body can help you "manage" it.
Any form of weight management is science at it's best. You have to have the correct calories coming in with the right amount of calories going out to achieve your goals, no matter what they are. This means the right nutrition plan paired with the proper resistance program. That includes you too, LADIES! It takes muscle to burn fat and increase your metabolism. We don't expect you to know how to make this happen. That's our job! You have more important things to worry about.

Let us be the brains and you be the brawn. Together, we'll get it done!


Cardio Boxing

Hate cardio equipment, and long to be allowed to just hit things?

You aren't alone!
Learn how to correctly throw punches, knees, and elbows into conveniently placed targets while you burn tons of calories working on balance and coordination all at the same time! Plus, as an added bonus, take out your aggression on the targets instead of your boss, spouse, or kids. Everyone wins!


Program Design

Not everyone that needs our services is so lucky to live close enough to come to our facility to train.

We have a solution!
Let us design a customized program for you. Program Design includes nutrition coaching, instructions on how to take your measurements accurately, workouts with pictures and videos to help you with correct form, and 24/7 assistance with your program. We will use as much technology as it takes to make sure you are comfortable with your program including Facetime and Skype. Your program is designed around the equipment you have access to(even if you don't have a gym membership),and of course, your goals and fitness level. We evaluate your progress and adapt your workouts as needed. Just like you are a local MMB member.


Bridal Body Transformation

Is your big day coming up?

Let's start Sweating for Your Wedding!
Every Bridal Body Transformation package includes exercise and nutrition programming to get you looking and feeling your best on your big day. Let me customize a plan for you to be the most confident possible in your dress. You can choose to get in shape on your own or with your fiance by your side. Remember, couples who sweat together stay together!


Nutrition Coaching

Is your program missing something, and you can't seem to get to the next level?
Your nutrition is the foundation of living a healthy lifestyle at a health weight. Without it, you are literaly a hamster running on a wheel to no results. If you feel you have your exercise under control but need healp with proper nutrition to maximize your results, let us provide the nutrition coaching. All your goals and current activity level will be considered in forming the perfect nutrition program for you. You'll receive 24/7 assistance with making the best food choices and fueling your body properly day-by-day.

Give your program or event the extra push it needs to reach your goals.


Bridal Party Bootcamps!

Would you and your bridesmaids or groomsmen like to have fun while getting in great shape for your wedding day?

Challenge and Cheer each other on with this option.
Working out in a group is always more fun! Especially when they are special enough to you to be in your wedding. Get everyone involved in these high energy, calorie burning workouts designed to bring out your strengths as a team! Sessions can be done indoors or outside and are customized to fit your expectations and timeline. At the end, everyone will be fitting better in their dresses and tuxes!


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